Dos Gramos Corbata 4ba Darts

OK, this is what I found through tons of research about Dos Gramos darts. Although Dos Gramos is available from the major Japanese dart chains such as S-Darts, Darts Hive, Darts Shop Tito, etc., Head-Rock is the physical/web store that also sells and markets Dos Gramos darts, through which you can only get special colored versions like “negro” and “burnt titanium.”

Head-RockIt is this man and his female sidekick here that seems to run Head-Rock and also design Dos Gramos darts. They inject a lot of quirky personality into their shop with the Lucha Libre and pro-wrestling inspired themes and names of the Dos Gramos line of darts.

You can get a tour of the Head-Rock store through some of their Twitcast videos. This is the only darts company that makes public the behind the scenes stuff that goes on in a dart company. They seem to be having fun and doing what they love; which is exactly why this is now my favorite darts brand.

Company website/webstore:
(It’s supposed to be “head-lock,” named after the common pro-wrestling move. The Japanese mixes up their Ls and Rs in their English).




Head-Rock Blog:

Dos Gramos Blog:

Twitcast shows videos of the Head Rock shop.

I recently received my Corbata darts from DartsBuddy. Threw with them a few days ago, and they fit my throw nicely. Obviously for the rear grip, rear balanced preferring player.

Pretty long at 44mm and heavy at 17.5g, for soft tip standards.

Grip is average, just the way I’m starting to like it… not too much, not too little.

You can see how the small diameter 4ba tip can offer tapered, skinny front end darts, as it still keeps the weight even without the mass on the front end.

Quality is great, but the packaging was pretty spartan, only coming in a cheap box with a bubble wrap pocket. But I guess it was a way to keep the price down. Hands down the cheapest packaging for darts I ever bought.

But I’m stoked about the darts. Super pumped with them, and I’m sure you’ll be too.

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