Flavor Store Design Tiny Shark Darts Photos

In my quest to find the perfect dart barrel for me, I decided to try an extra short one- The Flavor Design Store Tiny Shark. The entire Flavor Line is designed by Japanese darts advisor KTM (Katsumi Odagawa). He also has designed other darts related items such as the L-Style Krystal flight case (you can see the tooling “KTM” marking near the left mounting hole), the rocket shaped flight (right)fit_rocket; while aslo producing his numerous “School of Darts” DVDs. You can identify his designed products by his distinctive skull logo that you may have come across.

The darts are obviously super short, without being fat, which is unique. The shark cuts are not as aggressive, providing great grip, without feeling like they get stuck to your fingers during a throw. The finish on the darts are the usual type, not the high-shine finish like those on the Basara darts, which is really my only minor gripe.


  • 90% tungsten
  • 16g weight
  • 7.6mm maximum diameter
  • 32mm lenth

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