Platinum by Caesar Cleo Darts Photos

These are my first darts I ever purchased. I remember going out with my friend Derek to a bar in town- Velvets. It was the usual type of pool hall with mainly pool tables, but it was unusual as it had a distinct youth feel to it as there were mainly 20 somethings in that night. My experience with pool halls were mainly at Pearl City Cue, and for all the times I was there, you can count on one hand, it was always smoky and filled with 40 year old men trying to get some time away from their old lady it seemed.

Velvets had three board machines that were lined up next to each other in a corner, and I remember being terrified my throw would miss the board. I threw as well as one might being a beginner, but I had such a good time, I had to get my own set… the next morning. LOL.

My bud took me to a place called “Us Is Nuts” over in Dillingham. He threw the regular Caesars, and I naturally was pointed in that brand’s direction.

These Cleos were distributed by Dartworld in Massachusetts. I believe the darts were made for Dartworld by Harrows in the UK. I know harrows makes the same type of case, and these darts always came with Harrows Dimplex flights. The flights on them now are not the originals. Dartsworld darts at the time alway had different designed slim flights on each of their sets.

I believe they are rare as there is no information on them available on the web.

Length: 43mm
Weight: 13.15g, 13.5g, 13.4g (huge variance!)

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4 comments on “Platinum by Caesar Cleo Darts Photos
  1. Dave Schmidt says:

    It is not that they are rare it is more that they are an older set. My wife had a set that she bought in 1990 or so and they came up missing out of her car. Her set did not even have the logo on the inside of the case. I would like to replace them if I can. If you are located in the U.S. I would like to hear from you

    • ctwenty2 says:

      I’m not selling mine. Until about 2 weeks ago, I’ve never seen any set online, or any information on Platinum by Cleo darts online, let alone any pictures or any mention.

  2. grindrup says:

    Are these darts still available?

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