How to customize sounds, award movies, etc… on PC-Darts 2

A huge selling point about the PC-Darts 2 board is that the sounds and visuals are customizable. A roadblock for customization to westerners is the manual is written in mainly Japanese. Luckily, small parts of it are in english and I was able to guess how to do these customizations.

First off, get the physical manual or download it at Epoch’s PC-Darts 2 website. We are primarily going to use page 29 and 30 which shows how to name the customized files.

All files and folders on the computer for PC-Darts 2 are at:

Taking a look at page 29, the first of the four sections describes how to change the background image.
Your image files must be put into:
Image files can be either JPG (Jpeg), BMP (Bitmap), or PNG (Portable Network Graphics). PNG offers the advantage of “green-screening.” They can have any name, as long as they have the proper suffix of .jpg/.bmp/.png. The background image can be toggled on the ‘SET UP’ screen by clicking on ‘BG.’

Next up is how to change the background music.
Audio files must be put into:
Audio files must be ‘wave’ type and named exactly ‘BGM_01.wav’ ~ ‘BGM_04’ without the quotation marks. You can only have 4 music files, with each one the number changes… i.e.: ‘BGM_04.wav.’ Obviously, it will help if you know how to export different audio files into a .wav file. Audacity is a free and powerful audio editor for mac and pc.

Third is how to change the cards used as user images. It tries to replicate the cards used on Dartslive and Phoenix boards.
Images files must be put into:
Cards again can be .jpg, .bmp, or .png. 24 cards can be made, and must be named ‘card01.jpg’~’card24.jpg’. They also must be 110×164 pixels in size.

You can see in the image above that I used PNG’s as they allow a transparent color or “green-screening.” For example, card #1 (thats me in the pic) has a transparent background. You can also use green-screening to make the cards have rounded corners. A good idea is to look on the web and download and use different Dartslive or Phoenix card images.

Last on page 29 details how to change the Bullseye image that pops up when a bull is hit.
Put the image files into:
The image must be 320×240 pixels and like before, be .jpg, .bmp, or .png with the name of the file being BULL.jpg, BULL.bmp, or BULL.png respectively

Page 30 details how to change the award movies that play after hitting special marks, like getting a Hat Trick or a White Horse.
Put the movie files into:
Page 30 shows how to name the files. They must be named exactly how it shows, with upper case/lower case being sensitive. This is true for all the file naming. Movies also work best if they are made using the WMV3/WMV9 codecs. The original movies included in PC-Darts2 are WMV2 files, which obviously works but the older codec has much more compression artifacts. Lastly, they must be smaller than 30MB in size.

What the manual doesn’t say is that the sound effects also be changed.
Put the audio files into:
You can download some of the Epochs sound effects here:
Some of these sound effects have spoken english.
Names for the files are ‘se01.wav’~’se30.wav’. If you look in
you can find the original audio files used in the game, and you can listen to them and get an idea of what the sound is. Here is what I found:
se01.wav= “click/select/enter on keyboard chime”
se02.wav= “arrow presses on keyboard”
se04.wav= “esc presses on keyboard”
se06.wav= “throw start”
…7= “bullseye”
…8= “round start”
…9= “player change”
…10= “final round”
…11= “single segment hit”
…12= “double segment hit”
…13= “triple segment hit”
…14= “winner”
…15= “5-9 hit round effect”
…16= “finish”
…17= “bust”
…22= “closed number for player in cricket”
…23= “double bull”
Learning to use Audactiy certainly helps in creating a customized sound.

Happy customizing!

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5 comments on “How to customize sounds, award movies, etc… on PC-Darts 2
  1. Yau Ki Tat says:


    It was a awesome post that you have got there. Really make me settle to get one of this boards; however I have the same issue as you mentioned earlier about the award movies, would it be remedied if I use a custom award movie?

    And would there be a chance if I could get the award movie data files which you had and the dartslive 2 sound effects? >< I really couldn't find them anywhere.

  2. Akira Ho says:

    Hi, I lost my setup Disc, where can me download it again, THX

  3. runze says:

    Any way to get the softcopy version of the CD??

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