Basara Miyabi Dart Photoshoot

Got my package from Darts Hive a couple days ago. Darts Hive is a massive darts chain in Japan and I buy most of my dart equipment from them. I will detail in a future post how to purchase from Darts Hive, as international customers can only purchase from the web shop through deputy purchasing services such as Tenso. For now, take a look at their Japanese only web shop, or browse their international web shop.

Two of the various items I bought were a Trinidad darts stand and a set of Basara Miyabi darts. Me being me, I had to do a photoshoot.

Basara package their darts in what has to be handmade trifold boxes that have an outer black sleeve decorated with Basara’s art. They are totally unique to the darts world. Just as an Apple product like an iPhone where it’s packaging elevates the product within, Basara’s packaging similarly gives you a confidence that the company takes their craft seriously. The barrels IMO are exquisite and in my experience, the weights are always +/- 2 to 3 micrograms. They come with Ultima Sakura shafts and L-style’s Lippoint tips.


One note, the darts in the Trinidad Stand are Basara Tsumobi, and all images are enlargeable.

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4 comments on “Basara Miyabi Dart Photoshoot
  1. Beautifully photographed once again and fantastic looking darts!

  2. Henry Briggs says:

    Awesome pictures! I totally understand why you were so excited about getting your new set of darts. I would also like to share a website where darts enthusiasts can order their darts equipment:

    • ctwenty2 says:

      Thanks for the comments. Yes, I like to share my darts with info, cause there is little information about these Japanese darts in English, let alone any info from an Primarily English speaking owner.

  3. Russell Shiroma says:

    Hi! I’m interested in order for the Basara you published!!

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