PC-Darts 2 by Epoch

Darters looking for a home board similar to those found in Japanese “darts bars” in terms of having ‘awards movies’ on a screen should look no further than Epoch’s PC-Darts 2. It not only has it’s version of award movies and sounds, but they are also customizable. Furthermore, PC-Darts 2 also has a host of practice modes. What PC-Darts 2 essentially is… is an affordable way to get the experience of coin-op dart boards like Dartslive or Phoenix home, but with a Windows PC as the CPU.

PC-Darts 2 Opening Screen

First off, the award movies. This is what really makes darts that much more enjoyable in my opinion. If you’re not familiar with the coin-op soft tip dart boards commonly found in Asia, and only now is starting to gain traction in Europe and America, you will find that these modern coin-op darts boards using the more advanced and bigger screens available today; unlike the small CRT’s found some other older dart boards of several years back. They not only display information and static pictures, but when you have a great marks for your round, like a ‘hat trick’ or a ‘white horse,’ you get rewarded with an award movie for your particular achievement. The default movies are OK, but I replaced them with 720P resolution (woohoo!) Dartslive and Phoenix award movies I found on YouTube. There is a ‘user data’ folder in the ‘PC-Darts 2’ folder that is created when you install the software. Basically, you dump all customized files in these folders, as the original movie files are untouched.

Here I am playing a practice game of Count UP (8 rounds), where I Low Ton the 4th and 6th rounds. The movie is from Dartslive ‘Rock’n Girls’ series of awards movies that i lifted from YouTube, although the whole set is unavailable. Notice also that I customized the sound effects to the ones found on a Phoenix board. Someone was nice enough to have ripped it and made it available. The player change button is the red button at the ‘2’ segments on the board, otherwise the ‘enter’ button on the keyboard can be used.

This is a demonstration of some other award movies from Phoenix and Dartslive on a game of 301. Obviously, I was not throwing. Notice here that you select players from an available selection of 24. You an customize the cards and names, which I again lifted from images like of myself and misc. objects, to Dartslive cards that can be found throughout the net. Each player slot has saved stats! Each time a game concludes, stats are displayed and saved. In addition, these stats can be exported to a file, and can be downloaded to a memory card so you can use it at another location with a PC-Darts 2 board (2 of my friends just got their board). Also, did you notice the suggestions the CPU makes when you can close game out in that round?

That’s me in slot 1. Slots 5, 6, and 8 are the ugly default ones. The teddy bear and watermelon are obviously there for the females when they are bored.

I found these interesting, ahem, Dartslive card images floating around the net.

Heres a video showcasing a single player game of Cricket and the various award movies. Yeah, again, I was not actually playing (I wish!)

Customizable Background shown is this pic above, as well as the various data saved and tracked by the software. This makes practice fun and useful. The marks for the Count Up practice games are tracked, showing you where you are mostly hitting- just move the cursor over the segments to see the amount of times and percentage of hits.

Good thing they’re mostly in English!

BTW, the background music is customizable or you can turn it off, as well as the bullseye picture displayed when the bull is hit.

Check it out, just like a Dartslive machine, you can input up to 3 different messages that are displayed after the award movie is played.

For even more information, you can download the PC-Darts 2 manual from the PC-Darts 2 website, as well as additional sound effects and voices.

And you can watch the official promotional movie…

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32 comments on “PC-Darts 2 by Epoch
  1. Great review Catch, very informative mate! 🙂

  2. Jess says:

    I wish to buy this but wondering their software can be operated in operating syatem window 7 or 8 ?

  3. Jess says:

    hi, finally i got my dartboard.
    btw, i dont know how to do the setting.
    Can you teach me ?

    • ctwenty2 says:

      Which Setting? I was meaning to make another post to detail how to adjust certain settings and how to play some of the games.

      • Jess says:

        i try to customize setting just make it totally like Phoenix but failed.

      • Jess says:

        I dumped in all phoenix sound in user data folder but it didn’t work. Do I need to change the filename, type and so on? Award movie (mp4) can’t work as well.

  4. Dee says:

    Hi, Can you advice on where to download the sound effects? Thanks

  5. Jess says:

    hi, really thanks a lot for your help.

  6. john says:

    really enjoyed your review ! one thing is how loud is this board and do you think it’s easily modified to reduce the loud plastic thud that happens with all electronic dart boards. thanks again ! 🙂

    • ctwenty2 says:

      Yeah, I actually put a 1/8 in piece of neoprene sheet in between the segments and switch matrix. I also put vibration damping materials that’s made for automobiles to help with vibration caused by the sound system. You just remove the screws in back, and it’ll give you access to remove the broken tips that fall into the segments, so the screws were made to be removed and the area accessed.


      Its peel and stick, and helped alot also. But you can also deaden the thud by hanging the board on thick wood. I hung mine on 1/2″ particle board, while a friend of mine hung it on a cement block wall. His is super quiet, even without all the sound deadening material I put on mine.

      My setup also had a hollow recess in back of the coin-op dart board I hung it on, so it amplifies the sound a little.

      But even with the hollow recess, the board has quieted substantially with my modifications.

      Hmmm… maybe I should blog about this.

      • John says:

        cool thanks for the link… agreed a blog entry on sound damping is a great idea, I’m sure people could use any thoughts you may have on that subject.

        One thing I really like about this board is just that, the board itself, without any extra plastic to resonate the sound and of course the fact you can hook it to tv or pc monitor. Here in the U.S. I have never seen anything like this setup so it really caught my eye !! 🙂

  7. hi, where can I sell this product??

  8. Larry says:

    Where can we purchase PC-Darts2 in the US?

    • ctwenty2 says:

      It is not available for purchase I the US, but is available through Amazon Japan. Though you have to use a deputy service like Tenso.com to send you the package, as Amazon Japan cannot send this out to addresses outside Japan. I’ll make a post exactly how or where you can purchase PC-darts as soon as I ca, so check back in a couple days.

  9. Pat says:

    This is real cool! I was planning to get a Dartslive 100S.. Reconsidering it now. The 100S boasts of shock absorbers and reduced noise. Just wondering, how ‘noisy’ is this board? I stay in an apartment, so that will be 1 area of concern definitely.

    But all the customisable sounds, and the award movies are definitely very appealing

    • Feedbox says:

      Pat you might want to reconsider again I found a similar dartboard made by Radikal the same supplier for Shelti the difference is that it has online capabilities the same as the Radikal/Shelti Dartboards here’s the link http://eng.radikaldarts.com/contenidos.php?seccionID=2&contenidoID=16

    • ctwenty2 says:

      Yep, that’s the big thing with this board as the display is much easier to read and while playing with friends, it’s as easy to follow what’s going on in the game… similar to playing on coin-op machines.

      • Livia says:

        This card is absolutely stunning! The colours capture Autumn just ritg#.I&h8217;d love to be able to attend one of your workshops. But living on the other side of the big pond ie in England, UK reading your tutorials will have to do. Hugs, Pauline

  10. Chris says:

    Bro,download from PC-dart’s homepage. Some of the sounds are in english, with full voices.
    Need any password?

  11. kardebadas says:

    This board have online mode?? Cricket and Cricket Team, 501 and 501 team Online??
    if have online mode can i play from portugal?


    • ctwenty2 says:

      No, they have no online mode. Team modes are limited to “PARTY” games, which does not include cricket or 01 games… but you can easily make team games by just using 2 players.

      • Chris says:

        Bro ,do u Know where to get Phoenix Award Movie Low ton,high Ton,
        White Horse?

  12. Alvin says:

    Is there play against the computer?

  13. Akira Ho says:

    Hi , I lost my setup disk, May I know where can download it again ?

  14. Big Al says:

    Just built a cabinet with the PC Darts 2 board. I live in Japan so I got the board on amazon.co.jp for $260 inc shipping. Anyway, went to a local shop here on Okinawa and found this board for $180 to 170


    Thought you guys would like to see other boards.

  15. OV says:

    Will anyone consider selling their CD? I have the board but need the CD. Thanks!

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