Trinidad Oscar type 1

The recent acquisition of the Valley Cougar IQ dart board I bought a couple months back prompted me to get new darts, specifically Japanese made darts. I recently was made aware that the Japanese were making some high quality darts and accessories and, me being me, I had to see fist had what the fuss was about.

I started with a Basara Tsumobi and Shinku from  That started me off in a spending mood as the quality of the darts from Basara were superb. A couple weeks later, which was about 3 weeks ago, I splurged and got some Dynasty A-Flow line barrels and whole bunch of accessories from Darts Hive, along with some gear and the Trinidad Oscar type 1 set from Darts Shop Tito, Trinidad’s web shop.

I got the Oscars for the bigger shark cuts compared to the fine shark cuts of the Basara’s. Well, and because it was Miho Iwanaga’s model, who I found on YouTube.

Yeah, she’s hot, but she also has a killer game and throw form. Unfortunately, she is now retired.

In summary, I found the Oscars short 38mm barrel length suiting my grip. I am using L-style L-SHaft Silent Clear 260 shafts along with L-style Flight-L Mari Saotome (MARY) ver.2 Teardrop Champagne flights. The quality of the barrels, as with all the other Japanese barrels I have are superb.

You can read more about the Trinidad Oscar set on Trinidad’s website, which is conveniently available in well written English:

Barrels: Trinidad Oscar type 1
Weight: 16.5g
Length: 38.0mm
Max Dia: 7.5mm
Material: 90% Tungsten
Miho Iwanaga Model

What I’m using on the barrels:
Shaft: L-style L-SHaft Silent Clear 260
Tips: L-style Llippoint Milky White
Flights: L-style Flight-L Mari Saotome (MARY) ver.2 Teardrop Champagne
Flight Case: L-style Clear Krystal
Strap: Sega Heroine Collection Sarah Bryant
Case: Trinidad W Black

Some fun facts:

  • Trinidad is run by the Felix Corporation, who has Darts oriented Cafes and shops called Dart Cafe Tito and Darts Shop Tito. Seems like the founder(s) are Felix “Tito” Trinidad fans.
  • Trinidad’s barrel line is named after famous boxers, i.e. Oscar DelaHoya- “Oscar,” Roberto Duran- “Duran,” Julio Caesar Chavez “Chavez”… just to name a few. Seems like they are boxing fans in general.

Some not so fun facts:

  • Miho Iwanaga was involved in the recent Tsunami in Japan. During a trip to a tournament, she, along with some other players almost got swept away.
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