Valley Cougar IQ Dart Board LED Replacement Bulbs.

Man, it’s been awhile since I blogged! Anyhow, I recently got something I always wanted- a coin-operated dartboard. A friend got my juices flowing for darts when he showed me his new barrels and flights. I’ve been playing darts off and on (mostly off) since right after high school and been wanting to a board to practice and try to gain back some of the form I have lost.

Valley Cougar IQ

I got the Valley Cougar IQ dartboard off of Craigslist for $120, which is a great deal, but the dartboard was not operating properly- specifically the main logic board, which I sent out to be repaired. As it turns out, the board was not repairable, and the technician offered a new replacement board. I installed the board, and everything is working OK, except I was not satisfied with the light output of the coin mechanism and also the ‘player-change’ and ‘select’ buttons. I could barely tell if they were on. So I decided to upgrade them to LEDs like some car forum members used to do to the interior lights of their cars.

I did some research and the buttons use 14V, 80 mA, Type 658, wedge based bulbs (Valley Part# 223-1006-0); while the coin mechs use 28V, 60mA, Type 656 wedge based bulbs (Valley Part# 223-1008-0). The bases are specifically T-3 1/4 sized. I googled some of the specs, and came up with some lights from a component parts company called JLK components company made some LEDs in the range of the afformentioned specs, and Mouser Electronics had the LEDs in stock.

The original Type 658, 14V bulb produces on 4 lumens (light intensity). The replacement JLK bulb, part# LE-0903-02W, has a rating of 12V, 15mA, and 22 lumens. The operating 12V rating of the LED is OK on the 14V light holder. The 15mA current draw is much lower than the original bulb’s 60mA, which means it uses 3/4 less electricity. Best of all, the LED is more than 5 times as bright.

Compared to the Type 658 bulb, the Type 656 28V bulb produces 8 lumens. The replacement JLK bulb, part# LE-0903-04W, has a rating of 24V, 20mA, and like the 12V LED, 22 lumens. Again, the 24V rating of the LED is OK on a 28V bulb holder. Likewise, we see a 66% energy savings and nearly 300% brightness increase.

Lastly, these LED bulbs produce a white 6800 Kelvin color instead of the yellowish color you get with the incandescents. They really do make the buttons and light mechanism stand out, as you can see by the following comparison pics between the LED and incandescent bulbs. You can get these LED bulbs from


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4 comments on “Valley Cougar IQ Dart Board LED Replacement Bulbs.
  1. ghassan says:

    Dear sir
    i would like to know where did you buy your main board that could not be repaired from.

    THANKS for your reply.

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