Varis Radiator Cooling Plate (Carbon Fiber) for z33

PhotobucketPhotobucketI’ve been patiently waiting for the Varis Radiator Cooling Plate and to my surprise and joy, it arrived late yesterday evening, just in time for the new year. The cooling plate, like the Amuse Ti Intake pipe and Carbing Strut Tower Bar was something I’ve been wanting to do for years- now I can finally cross this off my “to do” list, though the list is far from complete. I carefully chose the Varis Carbon Fiber Radiator Cooling Plate because of Varis’ fitment, functionality, and quality. I am extremely elated to report that this piece has satisfied these three criteria.

PhotobucketPhotobucketI already have the Varis Air Intake Duct and Front Spoiler and been highly impressed with fitment with those pieces, and the Cooling Plate is no different. The holes line up perfectly as shown in the picture to the left. No modifications were necessary to install this piece. Installation was a snap, just remove the six fasteners that hold up the front bumper and two hex screws near the air box. Just remember to lift the center piece of the bumper fasteners half-way, other-wise, you’ll be left scratching your head on why those fasteners won’t release. The piece does come with instructions, although it is in Japanese, but installation is so easy, you won’t need it.

PhotobucketPhotobucketFunctionality-wise, a cooling plate is made to keep flow of air coming through from the front fascia to the radiator. This part is a common one for the z33, but the Varis one also has an extended piece to right that covers the open upper open area to the airbox and will better flow air to the air box.

PhotobucketThe quality of the Cooling Plate is typical Varis from my experience- excellent. Cosmetically, I couldn’t be happier. Upon inspection, there are no air bubbles, no scuffs, no warps. Also, if you look closely, the plate is not flat, but follows the contours the area it is sitting on. It also comes with a Varis emblem sticker to tell the world exactly what brand it is. Varis carbon fiber parts are made to order, so this piece is less than a month old.

In closing, the Varis Raidator Cooling Plate was purchased from RHD Japan. RHD is quickly becoming my favorite JDM parts vendor, and they offer tons of rare JDM parts for your Japanese make car. Prices are very competitive, considering that the quoted prices are “shipped” prices using express shippinig. The part was ordered on December 5th, and got here on December 30th. I know I would have been waiting a couple months if ordering from a US vendor. Packaging is nothing but excellent, packaged typical Japanese style- very neatly, with ample cushioning. But the best thing about RHD is the customer service. Patrick of RHD has been nothing but the coolest.

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