Happy New Years from Hawaii

Yes, it really is that crazy during New Years here in Hawaii. The fireworks start from around Thanksgiving and ends a little past New Years. But it’s not firecrackers like when I was a kid, it’s now huge display balls that shoot into the air, and make a LOUD explosion. House shaking, bone jarring, soul scaring loud explosions… and yes, they are being lit by Joe Shmoe in residential areas.

I thought 7-8 years ago was crazy, with the neighbor starting to light firecracking strings at 12:00PM in the afternoon, culminating with the whole of Hawaii going off in the evening, then culminating with a blitzkrieg when the clock hit 12. It was insane as the whole street simultaneously lit their firecrackers. The noise was deafening, the smoke was overwhelming. I could barely see 10 feet in front of me.

But now, Hawaii has graduated to these displays. They’re nice to look at, but damn they are much too loud. I don’t think they are beneficial to babies, pets, or the environment. Heck, no fireworks are beneficial, and even though I enjoyed them as a kid, I’m beginning to think it’s just a dinosaur way of celebrating New Years. It scares you because you don’t expect the noise and shake.

The displays are illegal here in Hawaii, but I really don’t know how the Police is going to enforce it. Half of Hawaii would be in jail…LOL.

This New Years Eve was almost as crazy as it was 7-8 years ago, so much displays going off, the Noise was even more intense. Though now, it’s not the noise from the firecrackers, they are loud thuds from these displays. The paper firecrackers were louder than these “less mess” firecrackers available today so noise-wise, even though the displays are louder, as a whole, it was just as noisy in years past. I see it getting crazier next year.

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