Carbing Strut Bar for z33

PhotobucketReceived my Carbing strut bar from the United States Postal Service for my z33 earlier this morning. I can finally replace that ugly stock strut bar! I bought it earlier than I previously estimated, as the Amuse titanium intake pipe really made a dent in the wallet. Thank you impulse buying!

PhotobucketThe Carbing strut bar was chosen because it has no pivot points like most of the aftermarket z33 strut bars. An unforseen benefit is the weight savings. The bar is extremly light, and from my guess, it’s more than 1/2 the weight of the stock bar.

Installation requires cutting a very small piece of plastic off the panel the ‘brake fluid cover’ is on. I used a Dremel, but an Exacto knife will suffice. The strut bar has a ‘master brake cylinder stopper attatched to the right side of the bar, and cutting is required to get the ‘master brake cylinder stopper’ under the panel. The stopper is to enhance brake feel, according to Carbing. It just braces the brake cylinder from moving. Whether it really does enhance brake feel is something I have yet to find out as I have not yet driven the car with the bar on. The cutting extends the notch already on the panel about 5mm to the left. If you have reservations about getting the Carbing bar due to the cutting required, don’t let this stop you.

If you’re thinking of using this bar for show purposes, I recommend against it if you do not want to do buff out the imperfections on the bar. My bar had some fabrication marks, which seems to be present on all z33 Carbing strut bars. Though it is not perfect cosmetically, I am still very happy with the purchase.

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