Power House Amuse R1 Titan Intake Pipe + ’06 airbox for z33

Photobucket I’ve been wanting to make a blog for awhile because instead of having my thoughts and ideas of my interests spread out on forums and message boards, I thought why not consolidate them all into a blog and chronicle part of my life.

Here’s my first entry….

Yesterday, I got around to installing the Power House Amuse titanium intake pipe which arrived about a week and a half ago from RHD Japan, along with an ’06 airbox for the z33 from Performance NIssan. Might as well kill 2 birds with one stone right?

The stock intake pipe on my z33 had imperfections- some areas on the surface had lightened and from afar, looks like scratches, so it was begging to be replaced. For years, this had me eyeing these intake pipes:

  1. Power House Amuse ($500+; titanium)
  2. ARC ($300+; aluminum)
  3. Berk ($100+; aluminum)

Check this my 350z thread I started 2 years ago about the Amuse intake pipe.

I settled on the Amuse over the ARC and Berk because it does not absorb heat as readily as aluminum, despite the huge differences in prices. Besides, it looks so pretty. Hopefully, it stays mostly exclusive 🙂

The ’06 stock airbox replaced the ’04 airbox and was chosen for it’s performance over the bling factor of something like the ARC induction box or JWT Pop Charger. According to many, the ’06 box with it’s velocity stack is the best option as far as intakes for the z33 goes. The only difference between the ’04 and ’06 boxes is only the velocity stack, which resembles the end of a horn. Here’s Wikipedia’s definition and benefits of a velocity stack along with some pictures comparing both boxes.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Installation of the intake pipe and airbox is simple, rated 5/10 for difficulty. You’ll want to move along slowly when installing that $500 pipe, take the proper precautions and tape the pipe up so as not to accidentally scratch it. The hardest thing is moving the silicone on the titanium as it tends to stick.

Performance measurements on the butt dyno proved to be negligible, but I knew that going in.

If you want to purchase the Amuse pipe, I can highly recommend RHDJapan. The pipe arrived in less than two weeks after I put in the order… no 6 month wait that’s usually associated with getting rare JDM parts. Packaging was pristine, and had no worries about broken parts when I saw the box. Needless to say, I’ll be using RHDJapan again soon for more engine dress-up parts. Varis carbon radiator panel is calling.

If you want the ’06 airbox, it’s #7 from Performace Nissan or click part# 16528-Z330002 from Courtesy Nissan.

Lastly, I have no regrets spending the $$$ on just a pipe. It’s such a great looking piece and such a premium piece that it feels great to be part of the exclusivity… like when I got the TE-37s, but even more-so. Who knew being a brand whore felt so good… Next up… Carbing Strut Bar or Varis Carbon radiator panel. The engine dress-up begins, and the wallet starts to hurt again.

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One comment on “Power House Amuse R1 Titan Intake Pipe + ’06 airbox for z33
  1. Eu Jin says:

    Hi mate. The Amuse R1 Titan intake pipe is pure sex! Lovin' it.

    I run a automotive blog on my R34 Skyline too at http://er34.blogspot.com/


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